Succession Planning Program

Develop a process to identify high potential successor candidates, develop their skills & prepare them for the future

Client Need

Our client, an entertainment company offering management and consultancy services for entertainment, leisure and sport projects, wanted to be prepared for future changes by having a healthy pipeline of talent qualified for filling critical job positions when sudden changes in leadership roles at the organization occur.

So they sought our help in identifying people who are already working at the firm but have the potential and skills to take on higher positions, so they can be trained and later on assigned to take over high-level management positions that become vacant due to retirement, resignation, death or new business opportunities.

Our Solution

We have helped our client establish a process for succession planning customized based on their organizational structure, critical roles and goals. The process mainly consisted of eight main steps:

Step 1: Identifying critical job roles at the firm which contribute to the organization’s operational activities continuity.

Step 2: Building success profiles for each critical role.

Step 3: Forming a talent pool of succession candidates who are willing to take on the critical roles.

Step 4: Applying talent management tools for assessing candidates’ readiness and potential to fulfill the critical roles.

Step 5: Identifying high potential candidates with outstanding performance.

Step 6: Identifying skills gaps for each high potential candidate to set development plans for each one.

Step 7: Building a development program for each candidate to close gaps in their skills.

Step 8: Tracking each candidate’s progress till ready to fulfill the future position.

Program Results

With the help of MENTOR team, our client now has the right people in the right place ready to take on critical job roles when the time comes. Our succession planning process has helped the client guarantee the continuity of its goals and strategy with the leadership of high performing staff. Moreover, our program helped in minimizing the impact of losing key leaders and avoiding expensive, time consuming and challenging hiring processes of new people at key positions.

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Succession Planning Program

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