E-Learning on Anti-Money Laundry for Financial Institution Employees

An E-Learning program to support organizations set initiatives to combat Money Laundering.

Client Need

One of our top clients, a major financial institution in the UAE, offers a variety of high-quality financial services and products that comply with Islamic Sharia across the UAE and the region. They wanted to invest in their human capital and offer them an online training program on anti-money laundering to spread awareness about it and teach employees how to implement AML practices and procedures at their workplace.

Our Solution

MENTOR has created an online course about Anti-Money Laundry and developed a content which focused on teaching participants detailed practical knowledge on handling daily customer relationships and transactions with full awareness of the risks of money laundering and a better ability to detect such activity.

The course also tackled basic concepts of money laundering, its impact, key controls to combat it, ways to detect money laundering methods and techniques and ways to handle suspicious customers and transactions. Our course also helped participants to:
1. Develop their awareness of money laundering and financing of terrorism and its impact.
2. Understand how money laundering takes place (process and techniques) and how one can be vulnerable to it.
3. Understand why AML is needed.
4. Develop their knowledge of the regulating bodies and the laws relating to AML.
5. Understand AML policies and procedures and their role within the framework.
6. Learn to implement Customer Due Diligence (CDD) procedures based on risk assessment.
7. Understand customer identification procedures.
8. Detect suspicious transactions and reporting procedures.

Program Results

After developing a customized course content based on the client's needs, we have put it into an eLearning self-study course and hosted it in a platform for all the staff. This course has helped all employees expand their knowledge about AML and know how to detect it at their workplace.

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E-Learning on Anti-Money Laundry for Financial Institution Employees

Ready to empower your employees with essential anti-money laundering knowledge?