Quality audit for waste management company in UAE

Audit uncovers various areas for improvement of performance

A UAE waste management company was looking to improve its performance and needed a comprehensive internal audit of its operations, to ensure it maintains standards conforming to its existing ISO certification.

MENTOR conducted an audit of the company's core and support activities, covering the scope of recycling plastic, municipality waste segregation, and compost waste production. It was carried out in two phases over a period of 6 months. The audit objectives were:

  • Ensure the company conforms to internal, customer and legal requirements
  • Review the effectiveness of the management system and its ability to deliver on objectives and performance measures.

Deliverables included comprehensive audit checklists for each area/ department, and an audit report. The first phase of the audits findings were 2 non-conforming areas and 19 observations for 8 areas, while the second cycle uncovered 9 non-conforming areas and included 4 observations for 8 areas.

The results of the audit helped the client identify gaps and inefficiencies in order to address them and ultimately raise quality and performance standards for the organization.

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Quality audit for waste management company in UAE

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