Training HR Executives on Developing Organizational Career Paths

Supporting national workforce development in KSA by training HR executives to create competency-based career paths

The training workshop was conducted by our top HR consultant to enable the participants - HR executives- from different organizations in KSA to build a career path framework within their organization.
During the workshop following topics had been covered:

  • Importance of creating competency-based career paths
  • Methodology of creating career paths
  • Different approaches Linkage to other necessary frameworks (such as competency framework, promotion policy, performance management systems and recruitment) as well as training and development activities.
  • Challenges in the development and implementation.
  • Communication needs
  • Management of the framework

The participants then conducted hands-on group exercises to develop a career path for a specific job family, to have the opportunity to practice their knowledge and to learn from the challenges they faced during these exercises.

As the result of this training, participants acquired the knowledge and experience in creating career paths for job families and are now able to implement this knowledge in enhancing their talent management practice in their respective organizations, or enhance current ones.

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Training HR Executives on Developing Organizational Career Paths