Mentoring Program for Bank's New Employees

Mentoring program for new joiners at bank facilitates onboarding and reduces turnover

A prominent UAE bank needed to run a mentoring program for its new recruits, to accelerate their integration into the organization and provide a formal and systematic process for personal development. The program calls on experienced employees to transfer knowledge, skills and experience, to junior level employees, in the aim of reducing employee turnover, especially among new UAE National recruits.

The program has been managed by MENTOR since 2014, and has grown and evolved to incorporate more participants and a greater scope of activity. It is run in streams with different batches of employees scheduled to participate throughout the year.

The MENTOR team is responsible for selecting and recruiting mentors, running orientation sessions and creating program guides for mentors and mentees, conducting assessments on participants and matching them based on assessment results, and running 6-month mentorship cycles throughout the year designed around specific learning objectives. We also manage coaching sessions for both mentors and mentees to achieve specific short-term goals and to increase motivation.

To ensure smooth running and management of the program, all activities - other than face-to-face mentoring meetings are managed online using our proprietary mentoring application APRENTIS. This user-friendly online platform facilitates ongoing communication and collaboration, as well as supervision of the program and tracking of its progress. It allows participants to schedule meetings, set goals and assess their achievement, share ideas and mail one another, and upload relevant content. Meanwhile, program administrators are able to track the process, download automated reports and check activity level and performance of all participants.

The mentoring program provides a formal and systematic approach to onboarding and personal development. Its ongoing success has encouraged greater participation and engagement from both mentors and mentees. It has helped to reduce employee turnover, improve mentee performance, promote knowledge transfer within the organization, and build strong professional relationships among all participants.

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Mentoring Program for Bank's New Employees

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