Long-term outsourcing of Training Management for UAE Ministry

In-house team establishes training function and manages all training activity

Our Solution

MENTOR continues an exciting long-term collaboration with a UAE federal government authority to outsource the management of all training activities for all staff since 2015.

A full-time team of MENTOR's training experts are tasked with handling the entire learning and development function, including;

  • The collection and analysis of training needs at a strategic and departmental level
  • Development of an appropriate annual training plan
  • Evaluation and recommendation of preferred training providers
  • Supervision and coordination of training programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of training programs to measure return on investment
  • Coordinating with educational institutions and universities on training, testing and diploma achievement for a select number of employees

The selected training programs are designed to align with the strategy of the federal government and to foster cooperation between ministries and federal entities. They are also aligned with the UAE leadership's vision and direction on achieving smart government services and adopting innovative thought and practices in the public sector. In addition, they target the skills and competencies needed to improve performance, including specialized and technical skills.

Our team also assists in the implementation of performance management system by reviewing ministry’s goals set by employees at the beginning of the performance management process and running orientation workshops for new joiners and refresher workshops about the performance management system for all staff.

Additionally, our team of consultants are taking the lead in managing the HR department initiatives, including talent management, succession planning, eLearning transformation, leadership programs, etc...

Through its onsite presence and knowledge of the ministry operations and work culture, MENTOR team is able to provide valuable guidance and insight across learning and development and HR processes. All work is been performed according to ministry and federal government guidelines.

Achievements and Results

Since the start of the project, a total of 1510 training events were run successfully where 21619 participants received 230022 hours of learning.

Feedback during this period included more than 95% of employee satisfaction with training programs, and more than 90%of employees and line managers experienced tangible improvement in performance following the training. The team’s knowledge and experience in the PM system and software have also ensured smooth implementation of PM system.

A total of 95%has been achieved in the three stages of the performance management system besides more than10 refresher workshops about the system were delivered to the employees.

Long-term outsourcing of Training Management for UAE Ministry

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