Creating New Strategy for IT Solution Provider in UAE

Strategic reform to help business achieve new goals

A leading IT solutions provider in the UAE tasked MENTOR with developing a new business strategy to help realize the companys future plans. The strategy was designed to help the company make informed business decisions by identifying and addressing important risks and challenges, and pinpointing key priorities.

The main phases of the project involved a review of the existing strategy and a reform of vision, mission, objectives, and strategic key performance indicators in line with the new strategy. Following this, MENTOR's consultants evaluated and modified the organizations existing strategic initiatives and identified new initiatives that would help to accomplish the new strategys goals. This was followed by the development of a new business model to support and facilitate the implementation of the new strategy. Additionally, the new strategy and its corresponding KPIs were mapped to the EFQM excellence model.

A systematic and methodical approach was adopted throughout the strategy development process, including the comprehensive analysis of the companys internal and external environment. An effective and practical implementation road map was delivered to the client to facilitate the execution of the new strategy.

Additionally, to ensure that the new strategy was communicated clearly at all levels of the organization and secured sufficient support from employees, the MENTOR team also developed a strategy handbook for employees that outlined the new strategy and its implementation by the companys various departments. The project helped to ensure that the organization was moving in the right direction towards its future goals.

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Creating New Strategy for IT Solution Provider in UAE

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