Boosting sales of UAE bank through market study & employee development

Training and coaching program for sales team

As part of a strategic initiative to increase sales effectiveness and business growth for a major bank in the UAE, MENTOR conducted a thorough service analysis and designed a training program around these findings.

The first step involved conducting a market study, competition analysis and mystery shopper exercise, to establish a deep understanding of the bank's sales function and how it compared to competitors.A training program was then designed around these findings as well as drawing from the latest research and best practice in sales effectiveness in retail banking.

The program involved training workshops delivered over a two-year period for different employees, and covering areas such as relationship building, sales cycle, customer target group characteristics, and cross-selling of banking products.

It also incorporated a coaching aspect, with participants creating action plans to apply learning into the workplace, and managers received training on coaching and performance review of their employees.

In addition, MENTOR's proprietary online coaching tool was incorporated into the program, in order to monitor progress of learning and goal achievement in each retail branch, including target achievement in sales and cross-selling activity.

The program led to major improvements in internal sales processes and a considerable increase in sales.

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Boosting sales of UAE bank through market study & employee development

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