Strategy to Promote Digital Economies in Middle East

Developing a plan to boost e-commerce and develop the necessary infrastructure and regulations.

MENTOR was able to play an important role in setting a path to establishing stronger digital economies in the Middle East when it was selected as the consulting partner to a pan-Arab e-commerce alliance.

A subsidiary of the Arab League and the Council of Arab Economic Unity, the alliance works to actively promote e-commerce in the Middle East and increase the regions minor share of the trillion-dollar valued global e-commerce market. Its objectives are to grow the volume of e-commerce among Arab countries at a public, private and individual level through advancements in smart IT applications, online shopping platforms and electronic payment gateways, as well as promoting e-commerce standards and legislation, and increasing customer protection from electronic crime.

MENTOR was assigned with developing a pragmatic and effective strategy that would enable the alliance to achieve these goals. Developing the strategy involved the formulation of vision, mission, values, strategic objectives, and strategic performance indicators to effectively monitor the achievement of those objectives. It also involved the identification of strategic initiatives required to attain the goals and ambitions of the strategic plan.

The proposed strategy was presented by MENTOR to board members of the alliance at a meeting in Cairo, where it was unanimously approved and set to be implemented in the following months, in collaboration with MENTOR.

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Strategy to Promote Digital Economies in Middle East

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