Guiding a Major Organization Redesign for International Hypermarket Chain

New org structure, policies & procedures, HR strategy, competency framework, performance management in Middle East.

MENTOR was tasked with guiding one of the most prominent international retail chains through a major organizational restructure for its head office, country offices and stores for the entire Middle East region. Our role also covered the development of a human resource strategy, updating policies and procedures, enhancing job descriptions, designing a behavioral competency framework, and implementing a performance management system.

Developing a behavioral competency framework began with interviewing department heads on specific behaviors required in different areas and identifying typical behaviors for each department, as well leadership and core behaviors for the entire organization. We prepared a competency matrix for all roles in the organization and a dictionary for the assessment of selected competencies. The team also delivered a talent mapping solution through a matrix categorizing behavioral competencies according to availability in the job market and their ease of development.

We also carried out a review of all existing job descriptions (total 360) and preparation of an audit report with findings. A new job description template was developed for implementation across the entire organization, and a workshop delivered to train the HR team on job description writing, based on the audit report findings, and use of the new template. The team also prepared 180 job descriptions for senior managers, creating new ones based on interviews with concerned position holders and reviewing others for accuracy, completeness, and relevance of education, experience and behavioral competencies to the position.

This was followed by the design and implementation of a performance management system to improve performance appraisal and the setting of performance objectives and KPIs, using a weighted scoring system linked to compensation and benefits. MENTOR developed a performance management manual for managers to facilitate a shift to a more standard and quantitative approach applied by the organization. This was then followed by a series of workshops across the region to provide training on the practice of performance management in general and the implementation of the new system to HR teams, who were then to circulate this knowledge to other managers in their organizations.

As a result, MENTOR helped its client to undergo an organization restructure that was considerable in scope of activity and geographical region. The preparation of managerial job descriptions in line with the revised organization structure clarified role responsibilities and helped the HR team to break down responsibilities of all other team members. In addition, the behavioral competency framework enabled managers to objectively assess employee behavior and identify gaps in the organizations talent pool.

Guiding a Major Organization Redesign for International Hypermarket Chain

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