Helping a US startup develop an online professional network on blockchain

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MENTOR has been working with a US based startup that is developing a blockchain based online professional network to help people acquire skills and find jobs in next generation technologies.

The job market is one area that is being disrupted by new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and virtual reality. There is a massive growing demand for professionals in these sectors that is outstripping the pace of talent development, while millions of others are expected to find their skills rendered obsolete as a result of these radical changes.

Our client is developing a platform that specifically addresses these challenges and helps professionals acquire or improve skills in these sectors, find employment opportunities or network within like-minded communities.

The company needed help with planning and developing a Minimum Value Product (MVP) version of the platform to secure investment, as well as direction and support in establishing and growing the organization.

Our team has been playing a vital role in helping to establish the business in this long-term project, by advising on business planning, go-to-market strategy, organization design, operations, talent management, as well as fully developing the blockchain based platform. The first phase involved the development of the solution architecture for a beta version of the platform by our technology team over 3 months. In addition, MENTOR advised on creating a viable go-to-market strategy involving pilot launches, and on creating an attractive investment proposition to increase capital.

The second phase involves the launch of pilot operations in the US (Puerto Rico and Georgia). Our work involves building online professional communities in these areas, by attracting mentoring resources and providing learning programs for local professionals. Following testing of the pilot sites, MENTOR will also manage the development of a more comprehensive version of the platform that also incorporates blockchain tokens to exchange learning and hiring services.

The third phase involves creating the necessary organizational and operational frameworks for the company in its first two years of operation. We will advise on organizational design, operations, and establishing a talent management strategy and supporting in recruitment.

The project is nearing the end of its first phase, with a focus on finalizing capital acquisition, a beta version completed and launched, and a pilot launch plan ready for implementation.

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Helping a US startup develop an online professional network on blockchain

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