Bank adopts learning gamification to train staff on new internal processes

Interactive e-learning games engage employees and enable fast and effective training.

After launching a new human resource management system, a bank needed to urgently train staff on its updated performance management process and use of the platform. The goal was to familiarize its 3,000 employees with the new process within three months, and enable them to use the online system correctly for performance review and appraisal. With the need to cover a lot of detailed information and the dry nature of the subject, it was important for the learning content to be presented in an interesting and easily comprehensible way.

MENTOR proposed an e-learning format in order to train the large staff base in a fast, cost-effective and convenient manner. We also recommended incorporating an interactive gaming element within a particular theme throughout the course.

The purpose of this was to encourage more reflection on individual performance, create a positive mindset towards performance appraisal and communicate a lot of information in a clear visual manner.

Our team of experts in instructional design, animation, and front-end development, worked on communicating the entire performance management process in an interactive format, while also developing the concepts for the various games.

The course covered the core competencies required in various roles and the annual performance appraisal cycle, with customized content for different target audiences (employees, supervisors and managers). It also communicated the practices new policies, procedures, and guidelines, and provided interactive system training with demonstrations. Woven throughout the course were various games and tests to measure knowledge retention and maintain learner interest.

The training program provided a fast and cost-effective solution to an urgent training need, and has been incorporated into the banks knowledge library as a reference for both new and existing employees. Gamification helped employees to understand and adopt the new system in a clear and interesting manner, and communicated the banks positive approach to employee performance.

Bank e-Learning Learning Content Gamification

Bank adopts learning gamification to train staff on new internal processes

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