Peer training videos to boost knowledge transfer in retail group

Promoting knowledge continuity and sharing of organizational knowledge among employees.

When a leading company in the retail, leisure and entertainment industry in the Middle East was looking to improve knowledge transfer internally within its workforce, the MENTOR team looked no further than the clients own employees. Our learning team proposed creating a series of peer training videos with a number of employees chosen to serve as video trainers and sources of internal knowledge.

The solution was recommended as an effective way to retain and share collective internal knowledge in a time and cost-efficient manner, and ensure consistency of message and values for a workforce spread over many locations. Equally as important, it also reinforced those spokespeople as positive role models for high achievement and learning, thus inspiring higher motivation and ambition for less experienced employees.

A series of 25 short videos were created on a range of topics, involving interviews with experienced employees from within the organization and across its hierarchy in order to share their insights and experience with their colleagues.

MENTOR helped its client to identify and prioritize themes for the videos (such as innovation, performance, customer service and business analytics), and took full responsibility for the plannign and production of the videos. Our team trained the various spokespeople nominated by the client, and scripted, recorded and produced the videos, as well as proposing a plan to roll out the training program internally.

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Peer training videos to boost knowledge transfer in retail group

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