Automating the internal training function of a UAE bank

Implementation of learning management system and e-learning for 5,000 employees.

MENTOR worked with a major UAE bank to help it centralize its learning and development function in order to be able to achieve its ambitious learning objectives. The bank needed to train different employee segments throughout the year on a range of soft skills, industry topics, and specialized banking systems. It also needed to comply with training requirements by financial regulators, and ensure the availability of quick and up-to-date training data.

MENTOR deployed a customized version of its LUMEO learning management system, and providing ongoing technical support. The project was implemented over one year in 4 phases outlined below, to ensure a smooth shift away from a traditional paper-based training system.

E-learning platform: lets employees learn in an efficient manner, and L&D team upload courses, track participation, reduce workshops /costs, and efficiently provide mandatory training.

Workshop Management: enables L&D team to upload workshop info, managers to nominate employees, and employees to register. The bank can meet its annual training quota faster.

Training Vendor Management: enabling collaboration with in-house trainers & external vendors. L&D team approve and assign trainers online; trainers upload course material, provide feedback and submit reports. This reduced admin work, and enabled easy sharing of course information.

Assessment: enables employees to undergo online assessment and L&D teams to accurately assess training needs and measure learning impact.

Through a carefully phased plan, deep understanding of the banks business, and its customized learning management solution, MENTOR was able to help its client transform learning, improve training processes, reduce training expenses, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Training now operates in a more streamlined manner, with automated workflows, better process continuity, and higher consistency and accuracy. This has enabled the team to focus more on training impact, while employees have become more engaged in learning due to convenient mobile access, positive training experiences and a strong learning culture.

Read more about our LUMEO learning management system here.

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Automating the internal training function of a UAE bank

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