Designing Mentorship Framework for a Construction Company

Supporting L&D in creating a customized mentorship program to help in Saudization efforts

Our client, one of the biggest construction companies in KSA, has ambitious Saudization targets and is looking to empower junior employees, build their capabilities, and place them on fast learning track.

In accordance with this approach, the company is looking to build the capacity of its people through a mentorship program to help employees receive information, advice, and guidance from experienced employees in the company.


Mentor helped the client in designing a company-wide mentoring program, and created a best-fit mentoring framework to enable the client stakeholders to conduct the program successfully. In the planning phase, our consultants worked along-side client key stakeholders to create a custom-made program to fit the company and ensure objectives are met.

The mentorship framework outlined all the details of the mentoring program including

  • processes, policies & procedures
  • responsibilities
  • duration
  • rewarding scheme
  • management approach
  • evaluation and reporting requirements.
  • comprehensive communication plan
  • onboarding materials

Additionally we designed all frameworks relevant forms, surveys, and supporting documents to ensure proper marketing of the program and buy-in from all stakeholders.

During implementation, Mentor offered training sessions to enhance the mentoring skills of the selected mentors to ensure maximum impact of the program.


The framework provided guidance for internal client project management team to run effective program, allowing transfer of perspectives, knowledge and experience, enhancement of technical skills of the mentees and addressing specific challenges they might be facing at the job. In addition, it helped develop mentoring skills of the mentors, facilitate their professional growth as leaders in the company and foster a supportive and collaborative environment across the organization.

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Designing Mentorship Framework for a Construction Company