Job Evaluation & Grading Structure for Cosmetics & Skincare Firm

New HR frameworks to attract and retain top talent and motivate current employees by defining career progression options

Client Need

Our client is a purpose-driven company with a mission, inspired by a claimed humanist utopia and empowered with a vision to change the beauty industry and dedication to eco-biology. The HR team was seeking a job evaluation framework and grading system for their Middle East Area operations which would enable internal stakeholders to correctly evaluate current jobs or future added positions and promote transparency in the organization when it comes to grading, salaries and promotion policies.

Our Solution

Mentor team of consultants developed a grading system aimed at helping the organization to structure its jobs in a systematic way based on a scientific job evaluation methodology. The job grading system was designed to build a competitive salary structure and allow the client to compare their positions with similar jobs in the market.

Based on the discussion with the clients management, MENTOR covered the following items within this engagement:

  • Developed a job evaluation framework and an 11 scale points-based grading structure
  • Evaluated all existing unique positions within United Arab Emirates (over 70 positions)
  • Conducted a knowledge transfer session for the HR team and other assigned stakeholders


The new frameworks will help the company to empower each employee to take accountability for his/her job and to ensure that everyone will be fairly rewarded based on achievements. It will also help the company attract and retain best talent and motivate existing employees to perform at their best by offering an attractive salary structure. Additionally, it will define a clear and transparent career progression path in the company to allow employees to grow and prosper.

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Job Evaluation & Grading Structure for Cosmetics & Skincare Firm

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