Organization Design for Holding Group, Creating New Job Role Model

Designing job hierarchy model for an investment holding group with 22 subsidiaries as part of HR transformation project

Our client is a leading investment company operating in Saudi Arabia since 1970 to provide a broad array of investments across several industries. The group-level HR wanted to ensure that the organizational structures and human capital practices of all its subsidiaries are at a solid level to withstand future market turbulence and to enable its various businesses to run optimized operations based on well-defined structures and an aligned work force.

Our Solution

MENTOR was hired to create new job role clusters for the Business Support, Construction Solutions, Financial Services, Paper Products and Property Development sectors in order to enable consolidation of similar job titles/positions into unique job roles and allow better hiring/shifting decisions within the company.

Our consultants analyzed 1457 job positions across 22 companies in the group and created a new model clustering similar positions into 51 defined job roles. Each position has been analyzed, bench-marked and verified considering job position title, grade, job family & sub family, technical, behavioral and leadership competencies based on consistent methodology. Certifications, years of experience & educational background were also mapped.

The model was compiled into an excel sheet, and our consultants provided executive summary reports analyzing findings on sector and company levels, identifying critical discrepancies in grading, inconsistencies in job position naming, and numerous other areas of enhancements including restructuring, HR strategy, service structuring, manpower planning, introduction of new functions etc.. Finally, our team ran a hands-on one-day knowledge transfer workshop to empower the companies HR team and up-skill them.


Our solution provided numerous benefits to the client such as providing a reference system for better hiring and transfer decisions. It also helped the company offer better internal career opportunities, and improve retention and workforce efficiency. Provisioned benefits of our observations and recommendations included cost reduction and better cost control, better quality of end product, headcount reduction, improved financial reporting, sales enhancement & identifying new markets, just to name a few..

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Organization Design for Holding Group, Creating New Job Role Model