Assessment of department managers at UAE government organization

Comprehensive evaluation of leadership competencies to assess job fitness and guide training plans

Our client, a UAE government organization, needed to perform a comprehensive assessment exercise for approximately 40 of its department managers to assess their leadership skills and fitness for the job. The assessment was to evaluate 9 core competencies identified by the organization and help determine training and development requirements for each individual.

We designed and managed a three-pronged assessment program, using a combination of online self-assessment, development centers and one-to-one interviews to provide a comprehensive picture of managers abilities.

The project began with the development of a competency framework, that defined the required competencies, performance indicators and proficiency levels for each role. We then worked on designing a customized online assessment tool that evaluated competencies using behavioral and situational oriented questions.

This was followed by one-to-one interviews conducted by certified assessors to evaluate technical competencies, using a questionnaire we developed to assess specific competencies and guide the interviews. We then ran a series of half-day development centers to evaluate the practical application of competencies in simulated situations, with 5 participants per session for a more focused analysis.

Following the completion of assessments, individual reports were shared with the HR team and the managers, suggesting development activities to address areas for improvement. In addition, a summative report was provided to highlight organization-wide development needs.

Using our expertise in employee assessment and learning, and by managing the entire project, we helped our client execute a comprehensive employee assessment quickly and accurately, and lay the groundwork for informed training decisions for its section managers.

Assessment UAE Talent Competency

Assessment of department managers at UAE government organization

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