Training in New York for UN on Group Facilitation & Problem Solving

Intensive workshop delivered for focused group of senior managers

MENTOR delivered an intensive two-day training workshop for Chiefs of Staff and other senior leaders of a major United Nations organization in the US. Participants came from different offices to join the workshop and improve their skills in problem-solving and facilitating group interactions through their leadership roles.

The program was limited to a small select group in order to allow greater focus on individual development. Participants were able to gain insight on effective approaches for diagnosing obstacles to productivity in meetings and for improving results achieved. They were also encouraged to reflect on their strengths and identify techniques to enhance their skills as meeting facilitators.

The workshop was conducted using an active learning methodology; activities included role plays, small-group problem solving and discussion. Working at a diverse international organization, trainees were also involved in the discussion of challenges relating to language barriers and gender issues. The program was an engaging training session with positive interactions from all participants.

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Training in New York for UN on Group Facilitation & Problem Solving

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