Women Empowerment through Leadership Training

Training female employees to develop their leadership skills


Our client, a leading educational institute in UAE, was looking for a training program on a Leadership and Impact through self-awareness for their female staff. The objective of the training program was to empower the women in the organization and to develop essential leadership skills and competencies needed in todays ever-changing world. The training programs aim was to build future leaders of the organization.

Leadership Program Design

MENTOR developed and delivered a training program that helped the female staff in both Dubai and AbuDhabi campuses to improve and grow their leadership skills and excel at their job. The program focused on showing how women can inspire and empower others to achieve outstanding results. The program was designed by making use of leading edge accelerated learning techniques, ensuring that each session was stimulating, challenging, highly effective and fun.

The purpose of the two days training was to create sustainable change through the participants own journey of self-leadership and take this forward to the next level towards leading others. Topics addressed included:

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Leadership secrets-what you need to succeed
  • Living leadership
  • Strategy & innovation
  • Leaders as teachers
  • Creating a blueprint
  • Modelling
  • Leadership communication
  • Release the talent, energy and contribution of your people
  • Build trust-the heart of effective leadership

Training Program Results

The participants returned to work more confident in their abilities in order to be able fire up the spirit and passion in the people they work with by demonstrating strong leadership and management skills.

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Women Empowerment through Leadership Training

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