Training workshop about Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Employee training about the latest in web technologies, specifically artificial intelligence & machine learning

Client Need

As part of the ever expanding new technologies, and to reflect the importance of being up-to-date with emerging tehcnologies and its implications on the business, our client, based in Dubai, wanted to expand its staffs knowledge about artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them keep on track with the latest trends in industry practices, and upskill their technical skills and knowledge.

Our Training Solution

Mentor designed and delivered a course titled "Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents". The training focused on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and how it can improve organizational performance. It also discussed the most common aspects that are being impacted by AI and machine learning and helped participants learn about common Machine Learning Algorithms. Moreover, it provided a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and several methods and tools that can be used to create AI programs .

In addition, the course covered the following aspects

  • Key factors driving the artificial intelligence revolution
  • Real-life examples of companies and countries that use AI to achieve a radical breakthrough in their services
  • Results of an unstudied approach to integrating AI
  • Explanation of the limitations of current AI technologies

Training Results

The two-days training workshop left the participants with a better understanding of the concepts of AI and machine learning and how they transform average human lives into better ones. They also understood the importance of AI applications in addressing challenges and solving real life problems and the applicability to the business environment .

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Training workshop about Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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