Leadership training to enhance managers' team leading capabilities

Employee training program to enable professional growth of leaders and manage teams to achieve business goals

MENTOR developed a training program to help managers and department leaders at an educational institution improve and grow their leadership skills. The leadership program focused on enhancing several leadership skills that managers should implement to inspire and empower their employees which results in achieving outstanding results. The program adapted several learning techniques, ensuring that each session was inspiring, encouraging and exciting.

Topics addressed in the course included:

  • Leadership vs. Management.
  • The principles and styles of leadership.
  • Master keys of effective leadership.
  • Keys to influencing others.
  • Pragmatic strategies for enhancing performance.
  • Tools for managing and preventing conflicts.

The workshop encouraged team leaders to motivate, develop and release the potential of their people and encourage employees' contribution and engagement with their leaders. It also brought effective communication strategies to help build credibility, overcome conflict situations and improve individual performance and teamwork.

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Leadership training to enhance managers' team leading capabilities

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